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WWW 2018

IMR will be present at WWW2018!

Time is a key dimension to understand the web and covers a large spectrum, from dating methodology to extraction of temporal information and knowledge.

The 8th Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (TempWeb) will be held during the WWW conférence ( on Monday April 23rd in Lyon, France!

This year, 8 papers have been selected on the following topics : optimizing crawling, temporal knowledge representation, user behaviour and resources persistency. 

The full programme is available at TemporalWeb 2018

Our CEO, Julien Masanes will co-chair the workshop with Marc Spaniol (Université de Caen)  and Ricardo Baeza-­Yates (Yahoo Research).


The German National Library on the way to experience the harvesting of its TLD .de

In parallel to its selective crawls, the German National Library plans, in collaboration with Internet Memory, to collect .de.

For a first snapshot (before Summer 2014), the German National Library aims at harvesting 100 Tb of resources from its TLD .de.
This project has a experimental character and depending on the results, the National Library will go further (extend and/or put in place regular global crawls).

At Internet Memory, we are very excited about this new project.
To operate it, we will use our crawler specifically designed and developed for web scale crawls: this proprietary crawler, MemoryBot, collectes hundreds of millions of resources per day.

Stay tuned to be informed about the results.

The National Library of Ireland will continue to collaborate with IMR to sustain its Web archive

We are glad to announce that the National Library of Ireland will continue to use AtN to manage its Web archives.


We are very excited to have been selected to process Web archiving operations for a duration of 4 years for the National Library of Ireland.
Each heritage institution that ensures sustainability to Web archiving projects on a long term comforts us in our effort to raise awareness regarding this topic, and to provide and improve the quality and technologies of our Web archiving services.
The National Library of Ireland will continue to use Archive the Net to manage its Web archives and will soon benefit from its version 2 planned for the beginning of 2014.

To know more:
Web Archiving at the National Library of Ireland
NLI’s Online Catalogue

Leveraging social web to propel your archiving campaign with AtN●2

Internet Memory presents today its Private Beta Version of AtN●2, a smart tool to discover and curate relevant content and experts on the topic searched.


Today, Internet Memory presents at IIPC General Assembly (International Internet Preservation Consortium) its new service AtN●2.

Finding relevant material to archive as it's being created and commented on social media is now easy to put in place and to use.

AtN●2 scans social media for users with knowledge on the topic searched.


It then collects links, crawls and ranks documents to create a campaign you can browse later or export in standard Warc format.

image image

You can submit a request today to be part of the Private Beta Version Community.

New User on our Web archiving platform: PRONI

We are excited to welcome a new user on Archive the Net Platform: Public Record of Northern Ireland

The Public Record of Northern Ireland started to build its Web archives few year ago (2010) and has already collected more than 500 Gb of Web data, thanks to a partnership with Internet Memory.
For the next 3 years, this institution has chosen Archive the Net platform to archive its web collection, including Quality Assurance and Branding.

We thank PRONI for its confidence in our services!

Web archiving: feedbacks

Feedbacks from an user for his project:

“Operations on Archivethe.Net platform is quite simple. It enables users to define and monitor all relevant parameters for Web archiving, and provides efficient tools for monitoring collections.
Archivethe.Net service has made high quality snapshots. Accurancy of archived webpages was very high and much better than other processes we’ve tested.
Quality Assistance provided by ArchivetheNet is accurate and enables to resolve most of the problems, which could appear during crawls.
Archivethe.Net team was available throughout our several Web archiving campaigns. Answers to our questions were given at short notice and resolution of technical problems has always been done with great care.”

We are glad to sincerely thank users!

New User :

We are delighted to welcome a new user on Platform : project.

Web archiving for Research Project

In the framework of project, dealing with French presidential and Quebecois legislative elections, team has chosen to archive political parties websites before, in between and after presidential elections and after legislative elections in France.
To be continued with soon with Quebecois legislative elections…

Know more on project.

Happy New Year 2012!

We present you our best wishes for this New Year 2012!

We will very soon launch new services on our shared platform, so follow us on Twitter and save our RSS feed!

Web Archives of National Library of Ireland

The National Library of Ireland provides now access to the Web Archive of its main website.

NLI published a nice post to introduce its web archives about the General Election 2011.

The General Election 2011 web archive collection (96 websites) consists of :
- Election candidate sites
- Political party sites
- Political blogs
- Official government sites
- A small number of sites with visual material such as leaflets and posters.
These sites were captured both immediately before and soon after the Election of Friday 25 February 2011.

New user: Beeld en Geluid

We are glad to welcome our new AtN user: The Netherlands Institute for Sounds and Vision.

Beeld en Geluid is one of the largest audiovisual archives in Europe and provides access to Dutch audiovisual heritage.

We are collaborating with them to put in place a pilot, which focuses on gathering context data to augment and enrich the Beeld en Geluid collections from culturally and historically important websites.

Poster at LIBER 2011

A poster has been presented at LIBER 2011 in Barcelona, from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July.

This poster was shown during the LIBER 40th Annual Conference which took place at “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya” of Barcelona.

The UK Parliament Web archive

The UK Parliament provides now access to the Web Archive of its main website.

This link leads to a new browser window which contains links to archived versions of the parliamentary website. Alternatively you can access archived versions of specific sections of the main Parliament website.

Museums and the Web

AtN will be presented at the Museums & the Web conference in Philadelphia, April 6-9 2011.

In a one-hour workshop, main aspects of Web archiving will be presented.
If you can’t join, follow #mw2011 Tag on Twitter and read the article

Web archiving in Europe in 2010

In the 7th framework programme of the European Research Project Living Web Archives, IM carried out a survey on Web archiving among European and International institutions.

The aim of this survey was to draw up an inventory of Web archiving institutions and to have a clearer understanding of problems encountered in the field of Internet archiving.
Read article

Presentation of AtN

On February 25th, 2011, AtN has been presented at the University of Sheffield during the kick-off Meeting of the European Research Project FP7 ARCOMEM.

Were present at the WP8 Application (Socially contextualised Broadcaster Web archives): SWR and Deutsche Welle (Germany), ATHENA - Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication & Knowledge Technologies & ATC - Athens Technology Center SA (Greece) & University of Sheffield (UK).

Happy New Year 2011!

We present you our best wishes for this New Year 2011!

Internet Memory presence in the last few weeks

Thank you to all participants of the Training Session about Web archiving. A great time of exchange !

These last weeks, Internet Memory team attended:

- IWAW/IPRES in Vienna: Paper on “ArchivingWebVideo” (Radu Pop), demo of the platform (Leïla Medjkoune and France Lasfargues).

- Audiovisual Archives in the 21st century in Gent (AVA21) : Presentation about “Preserving our online audiovisual heritage” (Julien Masanès)

- International Federation of Television Archives in Dublin (FIAT/IFTA): Poster presenting our shared platform (Chloé Martin)

Web Archiving Training session

How to know everything on Web archiving?

Internet Memory Foundation organizes a Web Archiving training session on 14th and 15th October in Paris. learn more

Follow us on Twitter presents the ATN platform and its services for a reliable Web archiving.

Opening of the website
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New partners

We welcome our new partners.

- Deutschland Radio

Launching of ATN platform

We are pleased to announce that a test version of ATN platform is now available.

This version includes the two first modules: Admin and Collections.
A demo will be presented at IWAW in Vienna the 22nd of September 2010.